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Ship-a-car, worldwide vehicle shipping, relocation and legalisation specialists. With over 25 years in the business of vehicle movements to/from all ports worldwide. Either via shared, part or full container loads and consolidation. Ro-ro from all ports and air freight if requested. Vehicle sourcing to your requirements.

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we succeed where others fail

Look at what we offer you:

• Vehicle shipments to/from all ports worldwide.

• Lighting conversions using an inhouse designed and manufactured L.E.D technology. Simply the best available!

• LPG conversions to all vehicles. Latest computerised sequential systems.

• Testing to IVA/SVA/(M)SVA to MI and NI Vosa standards, fully equipped preparation bays, OBD1, OBD11 CAN-BUS level. The best in L.E.D. Solid state Electronic conversions.

• Former VOSA IVA/SVA testing technician with 15 years experience available on hand to answer your technical matters. On site evaluations for kit cars, modified vehicles etc. First time pass rate 100%.

• Specialists in complete packages service, from purchase worldwide, to delivery to your door, fully UK legal, anywhere within Europe.

• Comprehensive bike workshops to cater for all custom/stock motorcycle/trike and quads (M)SVA testing to all makes and models. No matter how radical the modifications may be.

• UK collection and delivery service either via open or enclosed transportation.

• Comprehensive storage programme.

we ship and SVA - IVA more or less anything!

We have shipped and imported and registered in the UK all manner of vehicles for customers all over the world. Vehicles we have dealt with recently range from Bugatti Veyrons and numerous Supercars to collectors motorcycles and specialist trucks. We have even just shipped a US yellow school bus into the UK for a customer and are currently putting the vehicle into a road legal state for the owner for registration and use on UK roads. Basically if it has wheels and an engine our considerable expertise on the SVA / IVA process means that we can get you running on UK roads.

Although we specialise in the shipping, import and legalisation of specialist vehicles - we also routinely undertake this activity for customers with more mainstream vehicles who simply want to deal with an experienced and professional organisation who can get their vehicle running legally on UK roads asquickly and efficiently as possible.

If it has wheels - we can ship, import and legalise for use in the UK: