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This page answers the most frequently asked questions in relation to car shipping to the UK.

If you have any further questions regarding your relocation to the UK then please contact Allan Cowen's team.

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Q: Can I bring my car to the United Kingdom?
A: Yes. There are no regulations to prevent you from bringing your vehicle to the UK, regardless of age.

Q: Can I legally drive a Left-Hand-Drive car in the United Kingdom?
A: Yes. The UK has no restrictions on L.H.D vehicles.

Q: Can I export my vehicle whilst it has a lien or finance outstanding?
A: Yes, under certain conditions you may bring your vehicle to the UK.

Q: Will my car be subject to import taxes of any kind?
A: Certain conditions for the person relocating to the UK mean that your vehicle may be exempt from UK import duty and VAT. Please use the contact us page for further details.

Q: I have a foreign driving licence. May I still legally drive in the UK?
A: Yes. Most insurance companies will allow you to drive for one year on your current licence before applying for a UK driving licence.

Q: What about car insurance?
A: We have a network of preferred insurance companies and we endeavour to obtain the best possible rate for you and your vehicle.

Q: Can I sell my car once it is registered in the UK?
A: Certain conditions apply regarding the sale of imported vehicles. Please contact us for further details.

Q: What about servicing and replacement parts for my vehicle?
A: Our comprehensive service and parts department can advise on general servicing and replacement parts for any vehicle.

Q: Can you store my vehicle whilst I finalize my move?
A: Yes, if you ship your vehicle ahead of your move we offer a comprehensive storage plan, including collection and delivery worldwide. Contact Allan Cowen's team at Storacar.